Packing Tips To Remember

There is one thing that we all worked up before us, of course, I speak of the gasket. For sure you have heard horror stories about friends or acquaintances who screwed up themselves? Forgot label cartons, used the wrong type of cardboard, which resulted in a broken porcelain set inherited from Grandma or accidentally say the wrong date for the moving van. Yes, the list can be endless. That is why planning, planning and planning them three top tips you can give. Preparation is everything when it comes to packing and moving.

garageClean and purge away!

So if we attack the substance directly, how to pack really smart? First and foremost one should make a proper cleaning and spring cleaning in the house. Go through everything in the attic and be realistic, used gadgets or garments that are no longer used – get rid of it, no point in taking old things into your new home!

See it as an opportunity to sell something on the block and earn a little extra money for new furnishings. Give away your old books perhaps to a library or to a friend. Or maybe you can donate your old clothes to charity.

packPack like a boss

A good idea is to pack everything from the same place in the same boxes. Also write on the side of the box what it contains. Pack all kinds of cables, video games, television and radio, together. Tip is to tape the associated cables so it does not become one big jam. Disassemble all tables, chairs, beds, sofas and other furniture that can dismantle. This will save lots of space in your moving van. When it comes to hanging clothes, buy black garbage bags and make holes in the bottom of the hook of the hanger. Thread the garbage bag over a bunch of clothes, tape the clashes so it will be easier to carry, then just hang in the closet directly and cut the tape.

All mirrors, paintings and other fragile best protected with bubble wrap or your towels. Several lightweight boards can be combined as a package, put bubble wrap between the boards. Tape around the package so it is firmly seated.

When to start with the packing?

The sooner, the better! Set aside a room where the boxes will not stand in the way too much and pack everything that is not being used or will be used in the near future. This can be trinkets, fine china, seasonal clothing and so on.

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