Packing Tips for Moving Abroad

Sometimes we come across very good opportunities which requires us to move to another country. Moving abroad is exciting and overwhelming especially for first-timers. Here are some packing tips to help you get a smooth move:

planeLimit Yourself

This is true for large and bulky items. You can eventually buy those bulky items once you have moved in to the new area. Don’t bring unnecessary shoes that will just eat up some space.

Use Compression Technology

Use something to suck out all the extra air to make your luggage as light as possible. You can use space bags and packing cubes for more convenient packing.

Use Your Carry On Wisely

Try to pack everything that you might need on your carry on such as shoes, towels and toiletries.

bagMake uneven spaces left

Use smaller items such as scarves and socks to fill in the empty spaces. You can also fold pajamas and work out clothes in between as well.

Use your shoes

Shoes are free space. You can use your shoes to stuff in smaller items such as electronics and belts.

Utilize bags and pouches

You can use pouches to group by purpose and item. For instance, one pouch for all your electronics. Pack it flat so that, it won’t take enough space.

Bring your everyday products

Have a small bag for all your personal care items that you use everyday. Try to bring bottles that are not more than 2 oz to avoid bulky items. Try to also mix and match the items according to their shapes and sizes to fit them nicely on your bag.

To know more details about the packing tips, check this video:

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