5 Perfect Tips For Moving Across the Country

We have reasons as to why we need to move to another place. A new job, a bad breakup or maybe for the sake of experiencing something new. Different situations can give way to various reasons, but one thing that ties it all up is the stress and excitement of moving. Okay, being excited is cool, but in reality, you will feel more jittery than enthusiastic.

Moving is quite a daunting experience, and it all becomes more overwhelming if you move not just around the corner but across the country. A long distance move can easily discourage anyone if lacking the necessary preparation.

The good thing is, we have compiled some great tips that would make your long distance move be a success.

Tip #1: Learn to purge.

Your large furniture would not do you any good this time. It looks comfy, but it’s not something you would waste effort in moving. A move is a perfect time to think about the things that you need at your new home. Clutter, old items, and rarely used appliances are the best candidates in what to purge. If you’re worried about lacking some finances, you can quickly set up a garage sale to earn, or you can even sell them online. If you feel like doing good to others, donating some items is fine, too. You can always have the option of buying new furniture at your new place.

Tip #2: Create an inventory.

Learning how to organize items is probably one of the essential skills you need during a move. Make sure to list items according to which room it goes. You can make this list as the basis for the labels on your boxes. It makes it easier for you spot any missing items and even help your hired Jacksonville movers know which item goes where.

Tip #3: Know your budget.

A long distance move might cost more than a normal move because of the distance it needs to cover. You can also think about doing the whole move yourself (and your friends, of course) if you are up to it or you can hire movers to get the job done. Ponte Vedra movers usually offer some discount during the off-season which falls between October to April. Don’t be afraid to ask for any promos that may help you cut some costs. If you decide to hire professionals, you can check my Jacksonville moving reviews.

Tip #4: Pack like a pro.

Packing can be tedious, but if you purged some items (see Tip # 1), you could get it done while keeping your sanity. Pack your things according to which room it belongs to and label. Labels just make everything easier. Take some extra time in packing your stuff especially the fragile ones. While you’re at it, make sure to pack a separate bag or box with all the essentials you might need once you’ve moved in into your new place. Trust me. You won’t have enough energy to go through your boxes and unpack them immediately.

Tip #5: Have fun with it.

It might be a splendid time for you to plan your route that will give you a chance to visit some places of interest. Think of having a beautiful drive to keep your mind off some things.

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